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photo by Kostiantyn Stupak

The War in Ukraine

On February 22nd, 2022, The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation invaded Ukraine. The weeks which have followed have witnessed a brutal campaign by the Russian Military to overthrow the Ukrainian government and terrorize the civilian population into submission. This effort has been stalled by the tenacious resistance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the citizen militias of the Territorial Defense Forces.

Secessio Populi is a blog about separatist movements and aspirations to move borders. While we occasionally look at conflict and political violence, it’s not our focus. Moreover, Ukraine is outside the scope of countries that we focus on. But, like virtually everyone paying attention to international politics, the politics of identities and borders, or just anyone concerned about human suffering, we’ve been watching Ukraine. To that end, we want to recommend a few ways that folks can help those coming under direct threat from this conflict.

No one should have to suffer the anxiety, fear, pain, and anguish of war. Ukraine is the most recent and most acute example of what this looks like. We at Secessio Populi are hoping for a swift retreat of Russian forces from the territory of Ukraine, a cessation of hostilities, and a return to something approaching relative peace for the people of Ukraine.

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