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Secessio Populi: Year -1

It’s 2022!

Secessio Populi is entering Year -1!

What is “Year -1”?

When I set out to start this project and the now shelved Discontinent, I gave myself the mission of taking two years to learn the ropes and figure out what the hell I was doing. By that logic, I don’t feel that anything I’m attempting to do with this project will have genuinely taken off before 2023. That gives me one more year until SP’s true Year Zero.

2021 was an extremely challenging year for me. Learning to pick up a few new skills during my first year as a father in the middle of a global pandemic was not always the easiest juggling act. That said, I learned a lot this past year, and I’m off to a better footing for 2022. I’m ready to hit the ground running.

Here’s what 2022 has in store for Secessio Populi:

  1. More content: I will push myself not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good and get articles and work up. There’s a lot of bits and pieces of notes and ideas floating around all over my workspace, and I honestly just need to stay focused and stitch it together. There will be much more here for you to enjoy very soon.
  2. More interactive content: While I’m not trying to start a podcast anytime soon, I want to create more spaces for interested folks to engage and discuss rich world break-away movements. Right now, I’m mulling over what medium(s) are best for this. Perhaps I’ll figure something out for Discord, Twitch, Twitter Spaces, or some combination thereof. As the voice of the people is something that I hold as important, I want the audience I’m building to be part of the conversation. 
  3. More artwork: Something which feels a lot clearer to me now than it did a year ago is the importance of balancing the expository voice and logos with more profound and emotionally grounded ephemera. To that end, I intend this year to slam out little bits of artwork that at least touch on my own feelings and reflections of much of the mythos I’m looking at. These topics can get a little academic at times, but I feel very strongly that it’s not just what’s in people’s heads but what’s in their hearts that really drives people when it counts.

I hope that you will enjoy what’s coming up soon. Year -1 is going to be fun. I can’t say that I know exactly where it’s going. But welcome you on the journey to see what’s just over the horizon.

  • David Nwa’eze