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Introducing: Secessio Populi

Hello all!

I’m David Nwa’eze. This is Secessio Populi, a blog dedicated to separatist, autonomist, and secessionist movements in the rich-world.

This project seeks to explore and explain the many active and theoretical movements and claims to independence, separation, and autonomy among various groups and people throughout parts of the world where people’s quality of life, by global standards, might make this seem counter-intuitive. I will be limiting myself to the top twenty percent of nations in the United Nations Development Programme’s Human Development Index rankings. In case you’re wondering, that means: Norway, Ireland, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Iceland, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Singapore, United Kingdom, Belgium, New Zealand, Canada, United States, Austria, Israel, Japan, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, South Korea, Luxembourg, Spain, France, Czechia, Malta, Estonia, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Cyprus, Lithuania, Poland, Andorra, Latvia. If you want a better idea of how that index is assessed, that info can be found here.

My main intention around this frame is to highlight a spread of ambitions to independence out there in the least likely places for significant social rupture and subsequently violent civil war to erupt. However, given the many diverse histories and struggles in these places – ongoing, in a handful of obvious cases – I can’t approach it with total irreverence and levity. I intend to treat each movement with the level of seriousness it deserves.

Two notes on the politics of this blog:

  1. I want to state upfront that nothing I publish here should be intended as an endorsement of or support for any movement covered. I will attempt to keep my own affinities close to my chest. This blog is not intended as an endorsing platform.
  2. I will under absolutely no circumstances be covering overtly fascist, parafascist, proto-fascist, white nationalist, or white supremacist separatist or secessionist movements. Due to the position mentioned above of assumed neutrality, I can’t conscionably cover these movements without giving them a platform that I am simply unwilling to lend them. That said, I will carefully consider right-wing adjacent secessionist and separatist movements which do not meet any of the criteria above.

As I’m just getting started, I plan on publishing content at least once a month. That should give me the time to do it right – if small, at first. I expect this to be an exciting endeavor. It won’t be without its own challenges. I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I expect to.