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photo by Kostiantyn Stupak

The War in Ukraine

On February 22nd, 2022, The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation invaded Ukraine. The weeks which have followed have witnessed a brutal campaign by the Russian Military to overthrow the Ukrainian government and terrorize the civilian population into submission. This effort has been stalled by the tenacious resistance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the citizen militias of the Territorial Defense Forces.

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Secessio Populi’s Top 5 Break-Away Movements to Watch in 2022

2022 promises to be a busy year for Secessio Populi. With this in mind, I wanted to start the year off with a quick look at some of the relevant break-away movements that I expect to make the biggest waves in the coming year. So here are Secessio Populi's top 5 rich world break-away movements to watch in 2022.

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Introducing: Secessio Populi

This is Secessio Populi, a blog dedicated to separatist, autonomist, and secessionist movements in the rich-world. This project seeks to explore and explain the many active and theoretical movements and claims to independence, separation, and autonomy among various groups and people throughout parts of the world where people’s quality of life, by global standards, might make this seem counter-intuitive.

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